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Smart Law

Well, it's finally here. A law firm that offers quality legal services online at a fraction of the cost. We call this Smart Law.

Smart Law is a great way of meeting many of your basic legal needs without the hassle and inconvenience of scheduling an in-person meeting with a lawyer. Here is a list of the online legal services we presently offer and pricing:

SMART LAW Services and Pricing

1. Estate Planning:

  • Last Will and Testament: Single Person - $475 / Married Couple - $750
  • Power of Attorney: Single Person - $225 / Married Couple - $350
  • Living Will (Advance Medical Directive): Single Person - $225 / Married Couple - $350
  • Complete Estate Plan (all 3 documents): Single Person - $625 / Married Couple - $875

2. Miller Trust (sometimes called a Qualified Income Trust) - part of Medicaid applications: $950 (starting at)

3. Special Needs Trust or Supplemental Benefits Trust: $1250 (starting at)

4. Guardianship (for a person turning 18 or an older adult)

  • Limited Representation: $950 plus court fees and other expenses (limited to preparing necessary court documents and letters- please call our office for details)
  • Full Representation: $3,500 plus court fees and other expenses (if uncontested; if contested, fee will be converted to hourly)

How it Works

So how does all this work? The process is very simple:

  • To start, just fill out the form on the right (or at the bottom of your smartphone) with your basic information and select the practice area from the drop-down-menu on the form.
  • When we receive your request, we will do a quick conflicts check to make sure we can represent you. In most cases we can.
  • If we can represent you, we will send you an online questionnaire that can be completed from your computer or smartphone along with an engagement letter to e-sign.
  • We will use your answers to the questionnaire to draft your documents once you submit it. The questionnaire allows you to make any comments you might have. Our office will contact you if we have any questions.
  • Once we have completed the drafts, we will send you an invoice. Once payment is received, we will release the drafts to you for review at which time you will have the option of scheduling a phone consultation to discuss any questions or concerns you might have. This is all included in the flat fee.
  • When you are satisfied with the drafts, you can either sign them at our office or we can send the documents to you for you to sign before a Notary Public.

That's it. It's fast, easy and, most importantly, customized to meet your specific needs and situation.

A Few Important Things to Keep in Mind

  • It is important to know that when you use our Smart Law platform, you are becoming a client of our firm and your documents are being reviewed by an attorney. This is not simply a “form” delivery service like LegalZoom or Rocketlawyer. The draw back with using a website like LegalZoom is that there is no attorney review of your work – – therefore no one is acting in your best interest to make sure your documents will accomplish your objectives.
  • Our Smart Law platform gives you the peace of mind knowing that your documents were reviewed by an attorney and prepared according to your objectives.
  • Also unlike other “form” based websites, if you run into a snag using our Smart Law platform, all you have to do is contact us and we will be happy to assist you, just as we would assist any client. Again, by using our Smart Law platform you become a bona fide client of our firm and you will be treated as such. We have no "second-class" clients!
  • If, once you get started using our Smart Law platform, you find that your situation is not amenable to using this service, that is not a problem. Just let us know and we will discuss with you the different options you may have to meet your objectives. If you decide to continue using our firm, you will receive a credit for any money you paid.
  • All communications via our Smart Law platform are through our secure client portal which means that any information and data exchanged between us will remain private and confidential. Our level of security is the same you will find at major banks and financial institutions. And this is a far more secure way to exchange information than using e-mail.
  • All our Smart Law legal services are available for a fixed fee at rates that are extremely affordable.
  • You can access our online legal service at your convenience 24/7/365 and from any location that has internet access.

Finally . . . lawyers who get it!

Your Trusted Legal Advisers

We are caring - and take a personal interest in your case. With many years of experience behind us, let us guide you through the ups and downs and twists and turns of life’s journey - now and whenever you need us. We are just a phone call or “click” away.

Give our Smart Law platform a try.