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Estate Administration (Probate) in New Jersey

It is difficult to image a more emotionally difficult time than when a loved one passes. Naturally, your immediate attention is on fulfilling the wishes of your loved one and making sure all funeral and burial arrangements are carried out as intended. However, at the same time, the person's estate needs to be managed and settled in accordance with the terms of the person's will (if they died testate) or according to state law if there is no will (i.e., if the person died intestate).

This can be a challenging situation since you are dealing with high emotions and varying levels of expectations among family members. And, of course, there are state and federal reporting and tax filing requirements that need to be complied with in a timely manner. There may also be an issue as to the decedent's mental capacity at the time they signed their will which may be grounds for challenging the validity of the will in court. This can be fertile ground for protracted and expensive litigation if you do not retain the right attorneys to represent you.

We have been handing probate and estate administration matters for over 30 years (contested and uncontested) and have the experience to help you navigate this process in a way that separates the emotions from what needs to get done. And our fee structure is based on the value we bring to your case, not the size of the estate. So if you are an executor or administrator of an estate or if you have an interest in an estate and feel you need representation, call us. . . we can help. Our running fees for estate administration are: $385/hr for time spent by an attorney and $185/hr for time spent by a paralegal. If your estate is contested, our fees are: $475/hr for time spent by an attorney and $185/hr for time spent by a paralegal.

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If you have a need for basic legal services like wills, or a Special Needs Trust or guardianship for a child turning 18, we now offer these services at an affordable price via our Smart Law platform. Here is the pricing: 

1. Estate Planning:

  • Last Will and Testament: Single Person - $475 / Married Couple - $750
  • Power of Attorney: Single Person - $225 / Married Couple - $350
  • Living Will (Advance Medical Directive): Single Person - $225 / Married Couple - $350
  • Complete Estate Plan (all 3 documents): Single Person - $625 / Married Couple - $875

2. Miller Trust (sometimes called a Qualified Income Trust) - part of Medicaid applications: $950 (starting at)

3. Special Needs Trust or Supplemental Benefits Trust: $1,250 (starting at)

4. Guardianship (for a person turning 18 or an older adult)

  • Limited Representation: $950 plus court fees and other expenses (limited to preparing necessary court documents and letters- please call our office for details)
  • Full Representation: $3,500 plus court fees and other expenses (if uncontested; if contested, fee will be converted to hourly)

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