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Online Legal Services - FAQ

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How does your on-line legal service work?

The process is very simple. When you go to our on-line legal service page you will see a list of services we offer along with the minimum price. Click on a document you want and complete a simple Questionnaire that will be submitted to us for review. Our attorneys and staff will review your submitted Questionnaire and contact you if additional information is needed in order to clarify your request. Once we are sure you are receiving the services you want and need, we will prepare your documents and make them available to you electronically. Or, if you prefer, we can mail the final version to you as well. You are not obligated to pay any fee until there is agreement on what you want and need.

Will I be able to consult with an attorney if I use your on-line legal service?

Yes, absolutely. When you use our on-line legal service, you are becoming a client of ours which means your documents are being reviewed by our legal staff. Our attorneys and legal staff are available to answer any questions you may have and to make sure the services you are requesting are what you want and need. You can communicate with us via a live discussion, either by phone, video conferencing or an in-person meeting – whatever you decide.

What happens when my legal document is reviewed and completed?

Once your legal document is completed, it will be posted into your client portal where you can have full access to it at any time at your convenience. Once you approve of the document, we will post a final version of your document into your client portal for you to download at your convenience.

Once I have completed and signed my documents, will I be able to access them in the future?

Yes, your documents will be saved in your Client Portal where you will be able to access them whenever you need them at any time in the future. It's a great way of storing your important legal documents!

Is your website secure?

Yes, it is secure. We utilize Box.Com for establishing our client portals which employs commercial grade security measures and protections.

What if I forget my password?

In order to maximize security, if you forget your password, you will need to contact our office and request a change.

If I use your on-line service and later find that this is not suitable for my situation, can I get a refund of the money I spent?

If you determine that the on-line legal service is not the right fit for you, any money paid will be credited to you if you retain us in the “traditional” manner to handle your matter.

Is your on-line service just a “form” service like LegalZoom or Rocketlawyer or is it more?

What we offer is much more than a simple “form” service. We are an actual law firm that happens to offer legal services on-line for the convenience of our clients. Therefore, when you access our on-line service, you are creating an attorney client relationship with us and we will review your documents to make sure your objectives are being met. This is a critical piece that you do not get from LegalZoom or any other on-line legal form websites. By using a “forms” only website, you have no idea whether your document is right for your situation or whether it was completed properly. By using our service, you eliminate those concerns.

How does your firm communicate with its clients?

The vast majority of our communications with our clients is via a secured client portal which we will establish once you become a client. Apart from being a much more secure way of transmitting sensitive information and documents than via e-mail, use of a client portal allows us to store all your documents in your portal so you have access to them 24/7/365 from any location with internet access. Gone are the days when you have to contact your attorney and beg for a copy of your will or legal papers.

How do you handle cases throughout the state when you only have one physical address?

By taking advantage of technology and the internet, lawyers and paraprofessional who work for us do not need to be physically located in one building. That was the old “work” model based on the need for people to be in close proximity to one another in order to accomplish tasks. We can now all effectively communicate with one another from any location using a variety of modalities. Rather than focus on the “location” of our attorneys and paraprofessionals, we have chosen to focus on the expertise and quality of those professionals to make sure you get the best representation possible. This new approach also helps to keep our overhead and costs low which allows us to reduce the fees we charge and handle most cases at a reasonable fixed rate.

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